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Training & Events Database

Log into the training and events database to register for courses, track your progress, and print certificates

Visit the Database

Information about the Training & Events Database



Instructor-Led Courses and Workshops

For a schedule of classes, visit the Training and Events Database.

Introductory Courses

Core Courses

Note: ICS resource types are numbered using Roman numerals, with Type I as the highest. Therefore, the course for Type III comes before the course for Type II.


Year End Reviews

List of Required Courses for MAC Qualification Levels


Self-Paced Videos

Self-paced video training you can download and run on your laptop..


Self-Study Programs

A syllabus of suggested self-study topics is presented for several advanced roles. These are topics for which extensive documentation and training already exist elsewhere.


Training Nets

Training nets occur on Tuesday evenings as the need arises. They will be announced on the SPECS and SVECS nets on Monday and Tuesday evenings, respectively.

Day / Time: Tuesdays, 2030 hours (when scheduled)
Frequencies: AA6BT:  146.115 + 100.0
N6NAC:  444.625 + 110.9 (linked)
W6ASH: 440.800 + 100.0 (usually linked)


Previous Training Net History


Practice & Exercise

Practice Sessions

A chance to practice your skills in a simpler and more focused environment than a full-scale exercise or drill



For a schedule of drills, visit the Training and Events Database.

Pre- or post-drill details will be posted here, when available.

Previous Drill/Exercise History


Amateur Radio License Classes and Exams

The following groups offer amateur radio license training and testing. Consult their web sites for their latest schedule.


Emergency Management Training (ICS/SEMS)

FEMA/ICS Training

The following three courses are required for all Mutual Aid Communicators and recommended for all ARES/RACES operators. They are web-based and take an hour or two each to complete.

Additional FEMA website links:

State of California Training

The following course is recommended for all Mutual Aid Communicators and recommended for all ARES/RACES operators. It is web-based and takes about an hour to complete.

  • SEMS G606 - Standardized Emergency Management System Introduction Online Course

Additional State of California web site links:

BAUASI Training

The Bay Area Urban Areas Security Initiative Regional Training & Exercise Program offers many FEMA and State of California training classes, hosted by Bay Area emergency management agencies.



Training Related Documentation

Other Training Classes

Other Events

South Bay Radio Events on Yahoo Group Pages

If any of you hear of events, please let me know by email .  I need to know the name of the event , the date it is going to be held , and who to contact to volunteer




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