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Cupertino OCT08 PSPS Activation

Date: 10/08/19 Start: 1:00 PM End: 6:00 PM Location: Monta Vista ARK
Credential Credit (What's this?): Yes

On 8-October-2019, PG&E initiated a PSPS event that impacted more than 500,000 customers of which 3,300 homes and businesses were in Cupertino.  The City of Cupertino activated its EOC to Level 3 (Monitor), developed a plan to contact its impacted residents and businesses, and deployed volunteers and city staff into the field to execute the plan.  The city EOC’s primary objectives were:

1.       Public outreach to affected residents and community

2.       Personal contact with affected residents; leave flyers

3.       Establish personal electronics charging stations at City facilities

4.       Monitor the situation; participate in County conference calls

Cupertino Citizens Corps (CARES, CERT, MRC), took the lead to address Objectives #1 and #2 by managing the field responders made up of Citizen Corps volunteers and City Staff.  The City’s GIS department developed and delivered detailed maps of the planned outage area.  The City’s Office of the PIO developed the information to be handed out.

Over the course of the activation, the EOC defined three operational periods, one for each of the three days of the activation.  The initial mission for the Monta Vista ARK ICP was to (i) contact all impacted residents and businesses to ensure they were aware of the pending power outage and (ii) inform them of what the City has put in place to support them.  All this was to be on a best effort basis.  A second mission was defined to provide Alternate 9-1-1 communications support for any resident who needed assistance.  However, power was restored before this was task was put in place.

See the After Action Report for all the details... .  Additional Documentation is available on request.

This Incident spanned 3 days.

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