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Welcome to the Event Management System that is run by the Santa Clara County ARES/RACES group. As the name suggests, one of the features of this system is that it can manage various activities related to ARES/RACES activities in the county of Santa Clara. But in reality, it does a lot more than just list events. By following the guided tour presented on these pages, you will gain some insight as to what this system can do and why you should use it.

As an overview, the system can do the following tasks that are related to events or activities:

  • list upcoming events and activities that may be of interest to hams
  • maintain who has signed up for an event
  • print an event roster, suitable for use as a check-in sheet
  • track and report on who actually attended various events
  • print training certificates for county-level training classes

The system is also capable of the following:

  • maintain your personal contact information
  • manage relationships between you and your "served agencies" which might be your local city, the county or other agencies such as the Red Cross, Emergency Volunteer Centers, and so on.
  • maintainia list of equipment you can make available to your ARES/RACES team (in development)
  • Generate reports onwhat traiing classes and drills you have participated in
  • Generate rosters for each of your served gencies.

These features are only available to hams who have signed up to use this system. All that is needed is your callsign, personal contact information and a password, and you're pretty much good to go. But while you're here, you might aw well take the tour so you can figure out what the system can do for you.

Taking the Tour

In the left navigation bar lists the major areas that make up this system. You can learn about a specific area by clicking on any of the links to the left. Once in that area, you will see an description and possibly a screen shot or two.

The other way you can navigate through the tour is to use the Previous and Next links that are at the top and bottom of every page.

Ending the Tour

You can end the tour at any time. At the bottom of the menu bar to the left is a "Tour Menu" section. Here you can navigate back to the events page, the login page (for returning users) or the New User page (for first-time users).



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