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Cupertino Infrastructure Safety Assessment Exercise

Date: 12/15/18 Start: 6:30 AM End: 4:00 PM Location: City of Cupertino
Credential Credit (What's this?): No

The City of Cupertino supports testing the community emergency response plans and ongoing disaster preparedness training as an essential component to a successful community disaster response.  The one scenario we are all anticipating is a large earthquake.  USGS estimates there is a 72% probability of one or more M ≥ 6.7 earthquakes from 2014 to 2043 in the San Francisco Bay Region.  As a result, the City has made emergency preparedness investments that would help address the impact of such an event when it does occur.

Over the years, CARES has developed, planned, and tested a series of response activities that we believe are relevant to address the impact of a large earthquake event.  What we have not done is to exercise them in an end to end scenario, that is, from the initial occurrence of the event through a 2nd shift.  Such a scenario covers almost all of the operational mission elements that we have put in place to date.

The purpose of this exercise was to test the first 8 hours of a response to a large earthquake event as performed by Cupertino Citizen Corps, specifically Cupertino ARES/RACES and CERT.

The City of Cupertino authorized this exercise with training activation number CUP-18-34T.  This report covers the activities undertaken by CARES and the findings from that exercise.

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