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2013 Silicon Valley BBQ Championships and City Picnic - Shift 3

Date: 06/29/13 Start: 3:30 PM End: 8:00 PM Location: Santa Clara Central Park
Credential Credit (What's this?): Yes

The 2013 Silicon Valley BBQ Championships will be held in the Santa Clara Central Park this year (909 Kiely Boulevard).  The sponsers have requested support from the City of Santa Clara and the city has asked for amateur radio support for public health and welfare communicaitons.  This event will be split up into three shifts.  One shift will be for four hours on Friday afternoon and two shifts during Saturday.

Positions available will be shadows (8 per shift), net control (2 per shift), rovers (4 per shift), and information booths (2 per shift).  All positions can be requested, but, the final positions will be determined by the event coordinator.

There is a mutual aid request and MACs can request specific positions for evaluation, but, must coordinate MAC evaluations themselves.  Please make specific requests via email to

DSW is not required, but, is recommended.  Those not registered DSW will be sworn in for the shift they work.

The following positions are available for this event. You can state your preference when you sign up for the event. The event coordinator will attempt to accommodate your request. Based on the event and its requirements, the event coordinator may move hams to positions other than those requested.

Click on a position title for a description of the specific requirements for that position

Net Control2
Kids Zone Rover1
Info Booth0
Resource Net Control1
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