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Palo Ato city-wide ESV activation exercise

Date: 05/18/13 Start: 1:00 PM End: 4:00 PM Location: Palo Alto
Credential Credit (What's this?): No

18 May 2013 citywide Emergency Services Volunteer (ESV) exercise.  
a. Scenario - A large storm has impacted the Peninsula.  There is localized flooding in the Southern portion of the city, trees and power lines are down blocking roadways and impacting residential houses and commercial buildings, fires have been reported in both Santa Clara and San Mateo counties, power is out in various neighborhoods, a small landslide has occurred in the foothills area.  OES has provided ALERTSCC alerts including a request for ESV to Activate at 1300 hours (1pm).  KZSU also announced a request for an ESV Activation.  

b. Training Objectives -
1.         Activation protocols for ESV Teams (with the exception of EMU)
2.         Check-In Procedures and accountability for BPC, NPC, CERT, Trailers, ESV DOC
3.         Net Control by ESV DOC
4.         Deployment of select NH and City Wide CERT Teams.  

c. Drill Expectations (Commander's Intent). This is not a surprise drill, we want our team to prepare in advance and be ready to perform their roles.  Communications capabilities are used to maximum extent possible; participation by as many ESVs as possible.  NPCs exercise Incident Command of their neighborhoods; CERTs activate, form, and deploy using communications with ESV DOC.  

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