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State Wide Medical Health Exercise - Hospital Net

Date: 11/21/13 Start: 8:00 AM End: 12:00 PM Location: Hospital Net hospitals
Credential Credit (What's this?): No

Food Born Illness Scenario. 

Last year, the exercise scenario was power outage and ham radio was specifically listed in the drill script, called the Master Scenario Events List (MSEL).  This year the scenario is food borne illness and all communication modes are up.  Plus the hospital version of WebEOC will be used for the first time. 

Hams will need to be proactive to establish themselves as one of the communications channels, but should also remain in the background and not disrupt the drill flow.  Hams may have to fill multiple roles:  radio operator, runner, and  shadow to hospital staff especially at hospitals where there is only one ham.

Early in the drill the MHOC will ask hospitals to send in HavBeds or Status form.  With in 30 minutes, the hospitals will acquire the data  and send it in via WebEOC or FAX. The hams will need to get a copy of the data and send it to the MHOC via packet radio.  The method hams use to get the data may be by verbal or by written request.

Later the hospitals may generate a Resource Request and will send it to the MHOC.  If time permits, hams can get a copy of the Request and send it to the MHOC via packet radio.

New for this drill,  WebEOC forms are being phased in for Status and Resouce Request replacing the MHOC 9 Full and Short forms and the MHOC 9A Resouce Request form.  Phil Henderson KF6ZSQ created the new PacFORMS and they can be installed into Outpost using the sccPF391pvt.exe installer located at the following link.

Also at the above link are the three MHOC forms for HavBeds, Facility Status and resource request.

Or use the following link. ( Copy ALL of the following line and paste it into your browsers address field.)

After running the installer, look in C:\PacFORMS\PaperForms for PDFs of the new forms

  • MedFacilityStat.pdf
  • ResourceReq.pdf

MHOC:  will be staffed by John W6HW and anyone else who wants to operate there.

Repeater:  We will use the Alternate Repeater (K6FB) since our traffic will be light so there is no need to disrupt the 9am talk net on N6NFI.

Net Control: El Camino Hospital - Mountain View

Packet:  hospitals send messages to HOSDOC using the W2XSC BBS.  HOSDOC will generate a Delivery Receipt message with in 5 minutes.

Download the PacFORMS installer to a USB drive. If your hospital doesn't have a printer, run the installer at home, and open each MHOC form in Outpost and print it.

0800  Arrive at the radio room, test voice and packet radios, install new PacFORMS
0830  Find drill briefing room
0845  Sign in and attend briefing
0900  Drill starts...

  • Introduce yourself to the Communications Unit Leader or Logistic Section Chief and tell them you'd like to get HavBed data when it is available
  • Check into Hospital Net
  • Acquire HavBeds data and send it via packet to HOSDOC
  • Acquire any Logistics Request data and send it via packet to HOSDOC

1200  Drill ends, check out of Hospital Net and attend hot wash.

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