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Packet Operations Type III, Part B

Date: 05/10/14 Start: 9:00 AM End: 12:00 PM Location: El Camino Hospital
Credential Credit (What's this?): Yes

Prerequisite:  Packet Operations Type III, Part A

The course description and materials are available via the link below.

Click here to visit the course description and download the course materials (PDF format)

Packet Operations Type III, Part B is a follow-on course to Packet Operations Type III, Part A.  It includes both lecture and hands on packet activity.  The lecture is focused on details of Outpost and PacFORMS set up.  Message addressing within the Santa Clara County ARES/RACES BBS network is also discussed.

Students are encouraged to bring their own packet equipment for the hands on activities.  Use of dummy loads is encouraged since the class BBS will be located in the classroom. A list of classroom activities will be provided.

Attendees should bring their own printed copy of the handoutsNO handouts will be available at the training.

LOCATION:  El Camino Hospital is at 2400 Grant Rd., MV. Enter on North Drive which on on the west side of Grant rd.
Make a left turn to the front of the hospital. Go around the circular island into the parking lot. There is a connecting parking lot from South Drive, and you can enter at the South entrance which is to the left of the Emergency entrance.  The class in the lowest level, level 1 (or basement level), in conference rooms E, F & G.  Also note that the main entrance is on level 2.

Monitor AA6BT, 146.115 MHz ,+ offset, PL of 100.0 Hz,  the morning of the class for any changes relative to the class, location, etc.

Note: 90% or better class time attendance required for credit.

Instructor: Zintsmaster

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