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2018 End of Year Summary

Date: 12/08/18 Start: 9:00 AM End: 12:00 PM Location: 55 W Younger, Sheriff's Office
Credential Credit (What's this?): Yes

This class presents any training material that was updated in the current year.  Missed a class but still want to know what's new?  You can attend this class to get a quick overview of this year's changes.  Note that this class is not a substitute for taking the original class - only updated material will be covered. 

Click here to visit the course description and download the course materials (PDF format)
The classroom materials will be available for download a few days prior to the class.  An email will be sent to everyone registered when the material is posted.  Attendees should bring their own printed copy of the course materialsNo handouts will be available at the training. 

Intended Audience: Any new or experienced hams or MACs.  This class is intended to provide updates on any new or updated materials presented in the current year..  It is NOT intended to be a review for already presented core classes.  This class will be different year to year as we update existing classes or add new materials.

LOCATION: Santa Clara County Sheriffs Office Auditorium on the first floor of 55 W Younger St. San Jose (Sheriff's office building).  Park across the street (no permit is required on weekends).  Do NOT park next to the Sheriff's office.

NOTE:  Depending on the number of participants, class questions and interaction, be prepared for the class to run over the scheduled time by up to 15 minutes.

There will not be any tables in the room, only chairs.  If you would like something to write on please bring a clipboard or other writing surface.

Class size is limited to the first 100 people that sign up.

No coffee or food is allowed in the room, only water.

Note: 90% or better class time attendance required for credit.

Instructor: County Training Staff

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