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SCCo ARES/RACES Special Interest Group (SIG) Meeting

Date: 08/23/18 Start: 7:00 PM End: 9:00 PM Location: SCCo EOC
Credential Credit (What's this?): No

The SIG meeting brings together ARES/RACES members from anywhere in Santa Clara County to discuss, define and develop projects and programs for use county-wide.  Attendance is open to other interested individuals.

Topics vary from month to month, depending on what is of interest to the group at the time.  If a specific topic is planned for a particular meeting, it will be listed in the agenda below as far in advance as possible.  An open roundtable is always part of the agenda.

Date/Time:  4th Thursday of each month, 7pm, no longer than 2 hours

Location:  SCCo EOC, 4th floor, 55 W Younger Ave. (Sheriff's Bldg), San Jose

Pre-Meeting Prep:

  • All planners review everyone else's plans to ensure consistency and identify any gaps or inconsistencies.


  • Annual county-wide drill planning (Drill IC)
    • Each planner to lead the team through a discussion of the key objectives, activities, any open questions
  • Open roundtable

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