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Pop-Up Packet Practice

Date: 04/13/19 Start: 9:00 AM End: 12:00 AM Location: TBD
MAC Credit (What's this?): Yes

Pop-Up Packet Practice

Pop-up Packet is new way to practice packet preparedness.

The concept is simple.  Participation is quick and easy.  Here's how it works:

  • Travel to the pop-up packet location
  • Set up your station
  • Send/receive a few messages
  • Pack up your station
  • Be home for lunch

Why do this?

We have observed that operators can have difficulty getting their station set up and working in the field, even if they regularly send their weekly practice messages from home.  And being able to set up in the field is what we're all about, right?  So, this mini-drill is designed to give everyone an opportunity to practice a field deployment with packet.

Experienced operators will be available to help those who have trouble.  And, you may get some ideas for how to improve your station by observing and talking with other operators.

No AC Power

There will be no AC power available and we don't want anyone to bring generators.  Remember, this is supposed to be quick and easy.  The operating time will be less than one hour (even less, depending on how fast you are!).  Everyone's station should be able to operate for at least one hour on battery.

MAC Evaluations

Mutual Aid Communicators who have their own equipment will be able to complete an evaluation for Type III or Type II. 

No promises yet, but we will work on having a set of equipment available for those who need a Type III evaluation but don't have their own station.


SCCo ACS Activation Number:  XSC-19-02T

More details to follow ...

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Field Packet Operatoryes
Field Packet Operator / P3 Eval0
Field Packet Operator / P2 Eval0
MAC Evaluator1
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