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Countywide Communications Exercise Planning

Date: 08/29/19 Start: 7:00 PM End: 9:00 PM Location: Santa Clara County EOC
Credential Credit (What's this?): No


Minimum:  Leadership for each activity

Also welcome:  All other City ECs and AECs, plus county ADECs.


See email sent on drill-planning list.  For each activity, we will review:

  • Detailed participant assignment
    • What will the participant be doing from the time they arrive until the time they depart your activity?
    • How is goal #1 achieved:  How will each person be a better operator after they leave the activity than when they arrived?
    • How is goal #2 achieved:  How will people have fun?
  • Detailed message traffic
    • PDFs of all messages to be sent
    • We will be looking for a good assortment of prowords
    • We will evaluate traffic load on the nets
  • Review initial frequency plan
  • Review final logistics needs list
  • Review staff sign-ups


Santa Clara County EOC, 4th Floor, 55 W Younger Ave., San Jose (Sheriff's Bldg)


Please park in the lot across the street from the Sheriff's building.  No permit is needed after 5pm.

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