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Packet TNC/Radio Deviation Tune-Up

Date: 09/07/19 Start: 12:00 PM End: 1:30 PM Location: SNY Public Safety HQ
Credential Credit (What's this?): No

This event is separate from the packet class.  You must sign up separately.

Following the training class, we will have a calibrated service monitor available for anyone who wishes to check their TNC/radio for deviation or other parameters.  We will have 120V AC and 12V DC (Anderson Powerpoles) available.  We will also have adapters to connect to SMA, BNC, UHF and N-type connectors on your radio's antenna port.

Primarily, we will check for and help you adjust for proper FM deviation, so that your packet signal's audio is at the proper level.  This helps ensure the most reliable packet connectivity.  If time is available, we can look at other parameters.

If you wish to check/adjust your radio/TNC, come prepared with:

  • Radio (no antenna is required)
  • TNC-to-radio cable
  • TNC
  • TNC-to-PC cable
  • PC with PuTTY or Outpost/Ipserial or other terminal emulator
  • Knowledge of how to put your TNC into calibration mode and produce mark and space or square-wave tones (read your manual and practice the steps before coming)
  • Knowledge of how to set your radio frequency, tone, etc.
  • Unless you are an expert with your TNC and radio, it is recommended to bring the manuals for both

Important notes:

  • If you wish to attend, you MUST sign up in advance. 
  • Please arrive on time.  Anytime between 12:00 and 12:30 is fine. We can not let you in before noon because the training class will still be in session and we don't want to disturb the class.  If you arrive too late, we may not have time to work on your system before we have to vacate the room.


Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety HQ. The GPS coordinates for the front door of Sunnyvale Dept. of Public Safety HQ are: N 37* 22.2412 W 122* 2.4012. The physical street address is: 700 All America Way. Cross Street is Olive Ave. Thomas Brothers Map 832-D1.

Attendees will need to show a photo ID (Driver License or Agency issued ID) to be admitted by Sunnyvale.

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