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Logging Event Participation

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Clicking on the "Log Event Participation" link lets you record who actually attended the event. Obviously this is done after you have printed the roster (as described on the previous page) and after the event is over.

After you choose the appropriate event, the following screen appears:

logging participation

There are two parts to this display. The top part lists those hams that signed up to attend your class using this system. Hams are listed in alphabetical order (the same order that the check-in list was printed). To record their participation, put a check mark in the "Participated" column as shown above.

The bottom part is used to log participation for hams that just "walked in" and did not sign up earlier. To record their participation, enter their call sign in the box. Multiple callsigns can be separated with a space or a comma.

Notice that there is a "Get name info from". Selecting this tells the system that it should attempt to get the name for new hams from If a ham is already known by the system, will be by passed.

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