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Event Management

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Managing events is an important task. You can add events to the calendar with ease. If you create an event, the system will expect that you will properly maintain the event. This is important because other parts of this system use this event information for reporting purposes. So the important part is understanding the "life cycle" of an event. The major phases of the event life cycle includes

  • Creation of an event - here you set up an event to allow others to sign up and participate in the event.
  • Sign-up phase - hams will sign up for your event either because they see it on the list or have heard it announced on many of the nets.
  • Event execution phase - this is when the event actually happens. Here, the system can print an event roster for you that can be used as a check-in list.
  • Event logging and closing phase - after the event is over, the system expects you to return to the system and log who has participated in your event. If you do not do this, the system will e-mail you a reminder to do so. It will continue to notify you until you either log the participation information or cancel the event. If you cancel an event, there will be no record of it, and no one will receive credit for partipating, so it is highly recommended that you enter the participation information.

The following pages cover the various steps in event managenet.



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