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Cities and Agencies I Support

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Cities and Agencies that you support are those where your name appears on their roster. A city EC can add you to their city roster, and at that point, that city becomes one of your "supported agencies." You can be on roster of multiple agencies. A good example is that you may be on a city roster (such as Gilroy) and at the same time you may be on the Santa Clara County roster because you have signed DSW paperwork with them as well. In this situation, you support two agencies - Gilroy and the county.

You can be on multiple city rosters as well. You live in Gilroy, but work in Sunnyvale and you have signed DSW paperwork with both cities as well as the county. You now support three agencies - two cities and the county.

There is also the concept of a "primary agency". This is the agency that you would typically respond to first. The primary designation is used in these areas:

  • If you are a MAC and the county decides they need your services, the primary city is the place they will call first to ask about your availability.
  • Only your primary city can identify you as a MAC-in-training. Managers of other rosters that you are on cannot do this.
  • Many of the reports available to manager-types list your primary city. This way each of the managers involved will know that 1) you are on multiple rosters and 2) you have been designated a MAC-in-training or a MAC by another agency. This information can help managers to effectively decide how to manage the resources that are (or may not be) available to them.

If you are listed on multiple city rosters and your primary city indication is wrong, please contact that city's EC and ask them to change your primary city. As the Primary City EC, they can re-assign this to another city, but the other city cannot "take" you as their primary person. If no agency is listed asyour primary, then contact the EC of the agency that you feel is your primary agency. If the primary agency is unassigned, they can then set it for you. You cannot change this designation yourself.

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